A Comprehensive Checklist For Cleaning Your Home For Each Season

There is nothing wrong with desiring a clean home. But it is one thing to desire it and another thing to act on it. Each season in a year brings its activity as well as its cleaning chore.
Spring and summer are seasons of outdoor activities, so expect more foot traffic back and forth from the house, especially the most frequented places, like the kitchen and entrances.
But cooler seasons like fall and winter keep people indoors. Meaning that every part of the house will need cleaning during this season.
There are also cleaning tips that work all year round. This guide contains a summary of the cleaning checklists to get you through each season. Read on to find out more!

Checklist For Cleaning In Summer

Summer brings warmth along with extra chores that need to be tackled. Fortunately, we have more daylight during this period to carry out these tasks. Below are areas of your home that needs cleaning in summer and a checklist of how to go about cleaning it.

The Floor

Since there will be more running in and out of the house from the garden and pool. You are going to see a lot of shoe prints and foot traffic around the house. Consequently, you will be on your toes, cleaning the floor.

Table Top

Summer is a season for ice cream, ketchup, and a lot of sauce. Unfortunately, it also brings food spills and it’s of cleaning.

Bathroom Care

Do The Laundry

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I go through my clothes quickly in summer than in other seasons. The outdoors and temperature can be blamed for it. If you do that too, this tip is for you.

Checklist for Cleaning In Fall/Autumn

Fall marks the end of summer. It is characterized by cooler temperatures, fewer outdoor activities, and falling leaves. Consequently staying indoor has a way of increasing cleaning chores. However, dividing the tasks into tiny bits will help you a great deal.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Dirt from cooking and food prints get increased during this season and can do a number to the kitchen. Here are tips on cleaning your kitchen in the fall.

Leaving Room Cleaning Tips

Without outdoor activities, the living room is the next option for fun activities. Since the cold weather is to be blamed for it, it makes sense to cozy up in front of the fireplace. After each moment in the living room, take a few seconds to do the following;

Bedroom Cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning

Fall comes with a lot of dried littered leaves that is why you should also pay attention to your outdoor.

Checklists For Spring Cleaning

The spring season requires that you tackle every section of the house to remove specks of dirt brought by the winter season. From the rooms to the bathroom, to the living room and kitchen all cleaning.

Clean The Bedroom

Cleaning The Bathroom

Cleaning The Living Room

Cleaning your living room in spring does not only involve scrubbing the floor, there Is a lot more to it. There are spills, dust, specks of dirt to clean. There are also sofa fabrics to clean.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Checklist For Cleaning In Winter

Just like spring cleaning, there is also winter cleaning, I’m sure you’ve not heard of that. Winter seasons are holiday seasons. A period to spend more time with your friends and families. Below are cleaning tips to get you through the season.

Dust Surfaces And Corners

I often wonder why people get flu during the cold season and I think I know why. Dust carries germs that cause flu. Since everybody will be clustered together for the season, take your time to remove dust from surfaces and corners to reduce the chances of catching the flu.

Vacuum The House

This should be done at the beginning of the season. Vacuuming takes care of the insects seeking a home in your home. It also gets rid of tiny debris your broom and mop cannot do away with.

Wash The Bathroom And Clean The Toilet

Besides staying under the duvet or cozying up at the fireplace, another place people visit is the bathroom to answer nature’s call. To clean this place, you need to;

Clean The Fireplace

Since you need a lot of heat this season, you can ignore your fireplace, unless you use an electric heater.

Change the furnace filter to optimize its function. It may be clogged with dust, insects, and other debris

Go Through The Kitchen

Keeping your home clean all year round may or may not be as difficult as it seems. Sometimes, we don't have the time or are reluctant to do it ourselves.
There are cleaning services available these days to take care of the cleaning chores around the house.
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