Office Building

Professional Building Cleaning and Janitorial Service 
Whether you work in Chicago urban or suburban areas, you need a reliable office building cleaning service that is always on time and maintains the highest standard of office cleaning. Wipechamps is the commercial office cleaning company you need. Our office cleaners in Illinois and other parts of Chicago are committed to providing excellent service.

We are the best in the business, and we’ll work according to your desired schedule to keep your workspace clean and comfortable. Our complete range of office janitorial services promises 100% satisfaction from the smallest office to the largest workspaces you can think of.


Bank Cleaning Service You Can Trust
Wipechamps provides the highest quality of bank cleaning service in Chicago to meet the needs of commercial institutions. When customers walk into your banking hall, your first impression plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction, and that starts with a clean banking area. Our excellent Chicago bank cleaning service will help you maintain a banking facility you can be proud of.

Wipechamps bank cleaning services are tailored to meet your branch’s needs, and you schedule your cleaning for either daytime or evening hours, weekdays or weekends. From window washing and hard floor care to waste management and other one-time cleaning services, our range of bank cleaning services in Illinois will be of great value to you.

Retail Store

Quality Retail Store Cleaning Service
You love your retail business, and when it comes to its cleanliness, you and your customers have high expectations. Wipechamps retail cleaning service in Illinois and other Chicago areas provides the best retail janitorial services in the city. We have extensive experience in handling cleaning for businesses in different sectors. We are confident that our service will keep your retail store immaculate to give your customers the best experience.

As a service company, we understand cleaning from a retailer’s perspective. We will make sure you’re left with radiant floors, spotless restrooms, clean carpets, and well-kept retail areas at the end of our retail cleaning service.


Cost-effective Cleaning Service For Daycare Centers
At Wipechamps, we understand the level of cleanliness required in childcare centers and provide the safest and sanitary service to maintain the center’s cleanliness. Our professional cleaners use the best eco-friendly products and equipment to provide unmatched quality daycare cleaning service.

Parents and social services expect that high level of cleanliness, and it is our responsibility to help you meet and exceed their expectations. An adequate child daycare or preschool cleaning is known for its thoroughness and attention to detail. Wipechamps will make sure your childcare center is looking its best at all times.


Expert Bar Cleaning Service Approach
Keeping a bar clean is probably the most challenging task any Bar and Restaurant business will likely face. Wipechamps bar cleaning team knows the enormous amount of effort and time required and is up to the task. Whether you need our cleaning service in between shifts or at the end of the day’s service, we will tailor our bar and restaurant cleaning service to suit your requirements.

If you feel like you are not meeting cleaning standards or your in-house team’s resources are not up to par, call Wipechamps. Our professional bar cleaning service in Illinois is just what your bar needs to maintain cleanliness and provide the best customer experience.


Boutique Cleaning To Boost Your Brand Customer Experience
To maintain your brand’s image, your boutique interior and exterior surroundings need to be absolutely neat to help you attract more customers. Whether you own a small store or a large boutique in Illinois, Wipechamps boutique cleaning service can help you keep your work area immaculate and attractive to potential customers.

At Wipechamps, we offer free quotes for our affordable boutique cleaning service. Our flexible work hours allow you to schedule your cleaning job at a convenient time so that you don’t have to experience any disruptions in business operations.

Dental Office

Clean and Disinfected Treatment Environment
At Wipechamps, we understand the importance of keeping your dental office clean at every time. The reputation of your dental facility is highly dependent on its hygiene and treatment room cleanliness.  Wipechamps can provide the highest level of dental office cleaning and sanitary services.

Our services are geared towards meeting the hygiene demands of healthcare facilities. Wipechamps dental office cleaners are the best and are trained to be meticulous, careful, and professional in providing bespoke dental cleaning services to our clients in Illinois and beyond.

Laundry Service

Reliable Laundry Services In Illinois
Wipechamps is the #1 laundry and dry cleaning service provider in Illinois. We pick up and drop off laundry to businesses, and our success is attributed to our fast turnaround time. Our state-of-the-art laundry center in Illinois, Chicago, features the best washing machines and dryers. We have a dedicated, competent staff who are experienced and have what it takes to handle all your laundry needs.

Wipechamps commercial laundry service meets the needs of both large and small commercial customers, and we provide a personalized level of service to every customer we serve.


Get The Superior Cleaning Service Your Apartment Deserves
Wipechamps is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experience when it comes t0 apartment cleaning in Illinois. Our specialist cleaners pride themselves on bringing clients cleanliness and comfort through the outstanding apartment cleaning services we provide.

Imagine arriving home after a stressful day and not having to worry about tidying your space because Wipechamps have handled it for you. Your bed made, your dishes cleaned, and your entire apartment organized and neat, you’ll get that soothing feeling of freshness as you walk in. Let our professional cleaners handle your apartment cleaning, whether biweekly, weekly or monthly, and notice the difference.

Post Construction

Commercial Post Construction Cleaning
If your property or office building has undergone some repair or reconstruction work and is cluttered with debris, Wipechamps post-construction cleaning services can help you tidy up the building.

We work by thoroughly cleaning your rooms, office, or and disposing of unwanted post-construction materials. Construction contractors and homeowners in Illinois rely on us to remove all the dirt and debris in their work sites. Our cleaners are equipped with the latest equipment needed to meet the requirements of this cleaning service.

New Construction

Complete New Construction Cleaning
Renovation and building projects are exciting but come with the stress of handling dirt and dust. Wipechamps construction cleaners have what it takes to meet your new construction cleaning needs. We will clean the entire building from top to bottom and make sure your house looks its best. You hired a professional building contractor; why not hire a professional cleaning service like Wipechamps.

Our cleaning team is expertly trained with all the safety precautions and will serve you with either reoccurring or on-time new construction cleaning service. We are here to help.


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Experienced and Professional Butlers In Illinois
A professional butler should be able to deliver an outstanding white-glove experience in your home. Wipe Champs butlers work with great dedication and excellently handle all the required household tasks to give you and your family a hassle-free lifestyle.Butler services have evolved from the traditional wine serving and winery handling to a more sophisticated household management role. Our professional butlers in Illinois respond to their employer’s needs with impeccable attentiveness while being respectful and courteous. 

Wipe Champs will send you a highly experienced butler or personal valet who will work hard to meet your household needs and help coordinate home activities. We’ll make sure they have the right skills, experience, and personality to complement your lifestyle.


Illinois Best Choice Fogger Service 
Wipe Champs provides residential and commercial fogger services to thoroughly disinfect your space from disease-causing germs. 

Our fogger is non-toxic but highly effective in eliminating 99.9% of viruses, bacterias, and other germs on surfaces within seconds. Unlike other disinfectants, it penetrates into hard-to-reach areas to provide all-around disinfection.

Our professional foggers in Illinois, Chicago, is well trained and given the best fogging equipment to ensure effective disinfection of your home or commercial space in Illinois. 



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